1. How to connect your broker account?

1. Log in to your broker account, copy account info.

2. After that enter account and click “Connect & Continue” button.

3. Now your bidshel and your broker accounts are connected and you can proceed with setting up your first bot!

2. How long after increasing the capital in the broker will this new capital be applied?

The new capital is applied immediately after the increase, but it is displayed on the dashboard after 24 hours.

3. If we increase the capital in the broker, do we need to do something special?

No, there is no need to do anything, and the new capital will be applied immediately, but it will be displayed on the dashboard after 24 hours.

4. Can I use one Broker for two bots or connect one bot to two Brokers?

Yes, In advanced bot model it is possible to activate 2 bots at the same time in one broker.

5. how to get accounts info in broker?

The method of obtaining account information is different for each broker. To get your broker account information, refer to your broker's support section.

6. I didn't make any changes in the broker and bot, but my broker account is having problems, what should I do?

To solve this problem, message the support of your broker and raise your problem there.

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