2. How can I monetize my subscribe users?

When a user registers with your referral code and buys a bot, you will be credited with a $25 referral bonus.

6. Can I get bot set up cost back?

No, the cost of the bot is not refundable

7. Should I transfer my funds to BidShel?

We have no access to your own personal Exchange account and you don't need to transfer funds. This type of connection supports and provides the trading access to your account.

9. When can I increase the amount of capital?

Whenever the user wants to increase the capital, the bot itself updates the amount of capital before opening a new position and opens the position with new capital for the user.

13. I deposited 40 dollars instead of 49 dollars for buying bot, now my bot is not activated, what should i do?

Email support with the same email you registered in bidshel and write your request. Write your hash code in the email.

14. How long does it take for the money to be deposited into my account after I have registered a withdrawal request from our BidShel wallet?

It will be done for you in the shortest possible time. Sometimes it may take 24 to 48 hours due to high number of requests.

15. Where can I see the profit of my bot in the last 1 month?

In your exchange account, there is a table called PNL that provides a list of trades. You can see your total profit and loss in that section.

16. How can you reduce the Binance exchange fee?

For this purpose, you just need to have some BNB in your futures account.

19. I disabled the bot and I want to withdraw the charge of the bot wallet. What should I do?

Only the money deposited by the user after the initial purchase of the bot can be withdrawn. The amount that can be withdrawn is specified in the Available section of your wallet.
The minimum amount that can be withdrawn from the wallet is $100.

20. I charged my wallet with 20 dollars, but my account has not been charged yet?

You may have deposited less than the registered amount. Report this issue to support via email and it will be done for you as soon as possible.
(Send your email along with your deposit hash code)

21. To which part is the profit of the subscribe users deposited and how can I withdraw it?

This profit is deposited in the available part of your bidshel wallet. When it reaches 100 dollars you can withdraw.

22. After the bot makes a profit, where is the bot's profit deposited?

As soon as the positions are closed, if the position is profitable, the profit from that position will be added to the capital in your exchange account.

23. How can i change bot trade fee?

First, click on the user menu and select the FeeType option and select one of the "Profit" or "Profit And Loss" options from the opened page and finally click on the Update button.

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