How to connect the broker account to the Bidshel robot?

Step #1:

Click on "Brokers" in the menu on the left side of the page

bidshel broker menu

Step #2:

In this section, enter the information about your broker and then click on the Connect & Continue button

Step #3:

At this stage, you must select the type of transaction fee

If you click on the wallet button, transaction fees will be deducted from your wallet balance

If you click on free, you don't need to pay any fees and it will be completely free

If you choose the free mode, you must enter the bidshel code in your broker and then vice versa, enter your broker code in bidshel.

The Bidshell code is separate for each broker and will be displayed for you in the training phase.


Step #4:

At this stage, enter the Bidshell referral code in your broker account and click on the next option after seeing the tutorial.

Step #5:

In the last step, enter your broker code in the code section and click on the next button.

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